Exhibiting Evolution

Exhibiting Present Day Evolution
“Work in Progress: Exhibiting Present-Day Evolution”

My article on exhibiting evolution at the Michigan State University Museum is out in the current issue of Museum magazine! This was a fun piece to research and write about – I got to talk to a lot of the people involved and hear about their approach to creating exhibits about evolution.

UW Astronomy Exhibit

  “The Universe is Yours to Discover” I worked with a team from my cohort at the University of Washington to design this exhibit for UW’s Astronomy department. Our task was to design exhibits for the historic Theodore Jacobsen Observatory and a balcony/hallway leading to the planetarium in the new …

Museum of Flight

I spent a year as an intern at the Museum of Flight (Seattle, WA) working on exhibits for their new Charles Simonyi Space Gallery building. The Museum of Flight built the building to house NASA’s retired Full Fuselage Trainer – one of the Space Shuttle trainers. We had a whole …

Press Release: Collaborative effort seeks the secrets of small fliers

I wrote this press release as an example for my portfolio while taking Dr. Illman’s science writing course. View or download as PDF for proper press release formatting. Collaborative effort seeks the secrets of small fliers SEATTLE, WA, September 28, 2010 – Imagine a small unmanned aircraft that can navigate a forest, …