NOAA Activity Book

"Our Marine Neighbors," an educational coloring and activity book.
“Our Marine Neighbors,” an educational coloring and activity book.

At NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center I created an activity book aimed at elementary school kids that features the “Big Three” protected species: orcas, salmon, and groundfish (including rockfish and halibut).

It’s called “Our Marine Neighbors Coloring & Activity Book” and you can find the full version as a PDF on their website.

The idea was to create an activity book that’s fun and informative without being didactic. The activity book will be used at outreach events (school visits, fairs and festivals, etc.) around the state of Washington.

After discussing what the goal of the activity book pages are and what images might be featured, I sketched rough drafts, took comments, and created revised drafts using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The vector-based illustrations can be used individually and scaled up or down to any required size.

View PDFs of part of the activity book by clicking on the thumbnails below:


"Groundfish live in deep cold water..."
“Groundfish live in deep cold water…”
"Rockfish can live a very long time..."
“Rockfish can live a very long time…”