Comics for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

comicdetailComics are a combination of words and pictures – what better way to explore and explain science, technology, engineering, and math?

In 2012, I created SCIENCE! Comics for the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture; you can view them below or find them archived here.

For NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center, I created a choose-your-own-adventure style comic book and a coloring and activity book that could be printed in house and handed out at NOAA outreach events. They’re both available free on NOAA’s website; direct links here and here (please note that these are heavy PDF files).

I’ve also written about using comics in the classroom; you can find a summary here and my article on teaching STEM with comics for I collaborated with Dr. Jonathan Calede to create a comic-style teaching activity to help students understand the fossil record, which we are currently in the process of writing up for publication on CourseSource.