Rain! Exhibit Labels

These labels were written for an exhibit development exercise for Judy Rand’s exhibit design class.

A diagram of a planted swale from the USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service.

Focus Panel

Planted Swales Keep Rainwater Happy & Healthy

Planted swales are amazing planted ditches. They collect rainwater – for example, rainwater running off your roof or driveway – which helps prevent floods and erosion. The plants chosen for swales filter out pollutants and slow the flow of rainwater. This means more water reaches our groundwater. Planted swales add beauty and flood protection to your backyard – and cost less than a concrete curb and gutter!
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Object ID Label (illustration not included)

Planted Swale
1- Rainwater flows down into planted swales (“planted ditches”).
2- Native plants filter out pollutants and prevent soil erosion.
3- Gravel at the bottom of the swale allows rainwater to trickle down to become groundwater.
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