Informal STEM on YouTube

What can YouTube do for museums and informal STEM education?

With so many people choosing to spend so much of their free time watching videos, should museums be excited or worried? The answer depends on what museums decide to do with it.


The possibilities of YouTube for museums and informal STEM education are exciting! In my September 2016 Museum article, I explore what YouTube can do for museum and what museums have to offer YouTube.

Check out additional interviews and other resources:

If you’re thinking about making a YouTube channel, don’t forget to sign up for the YouTube Nonprofit Program (it’s free) and check out the YouTube Playbook and Creator Academy to get started.

I highly recommend this free open course from MIT: Becoming the Next Bill Nye: Writing and Hosting the Educational Show

This article from Emily Robbins covers the art museum end of things and her slideshow covers good general information and tips about museums and YouTube channels. (There’s also her presentation from Museums and the Web 2015 if you want more citations, references, etc.)

Interview with Dr. Chris Martine on how he started and creates videos for the botany YouTube show Plants Are Cool Too available here. Interview with Tim and Paul, the co-producers of the show, here.

Museopunks’ podcast (now sadly discontinued) had a great discussion of whether or not museums should be media organizations. A quick overview/summary of the episode is available here.

Great big list of educational STEM channels on YouTube (I’m always adding to this list, so if you know of one I haven’t included, please let me know!)