Current Projects

Toxodont (c) Caroline Stromberg

I’m currently working on a few projects: an exhibit at the Burke, temporary exhibits for Foss, and another article for Museum magazine.

I’m working with Dr. Caroline Strömberg, her grad student Regan Dunn, and staff at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture (here in Seattle, WA) to develop and design an exhibit based on Dr. Strömberg and Regan Dunn’s research. This exhibit will be the second installment of “Why Study Evolution” and will be located next to Dr. Olmstead’s current exhibit on plant phylogenetics.

The Foss Waterway Seaport in Tacoma, WA recently renovated their historic building, adding a glass wall to the front of the building. I am working with their collections manager to develop and design temporary exhibits for the reopening of the building, including an exhibit about the building itself, labels to accompany a display of boats, and an exhibit of historical ferry artifacts.

An article based on my thesis research on the exhibit design philosophies of science exhibit designers will appear in the Informal Learning Review (no. 118), and my upcoming article about adult visitors to science museums is scheduled for the May/June issue of Museum.

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