Exhibit: Why Study Evolution (Part 2)

grass or teeth 1I worked with Dr. Caroline Strömberg, her graduate student Regan Dunn, and staff at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture to develop and design an exhibit about evolution. This exhibit, funded by and based on Dr. Strömberg’s research, complements an earlier exhibit based on another scientist’s work. The idea was to tie the two exhibits together into a larger narrative about how and why we study evolution (hence “Why Study Evolution (Part 2)”).

Exhibit: Space Weather

The Pacific Science Center (PSC) features rotating exhibits on current science research in their “Portal to Current Science Research” gallery. I developed an exhibit on space weather based on research from the University of Washington’s Earth and Space Sciences department: predicting coronal mass ejections (CME’s, or “solar storms”) and mapping planets using infrared temperature data.

This included research, writing an exhibit narrative, writing and editing labels, developing an interactive element, and assisting with video and other multimedia content. I worked with two scientists from the University of Washington and the exhibit team from PSC (including the project manager, graphic designer, and multimedia designer). With a small budget to work with, we made use of PSC’s modular exhibit label system and low cost interactive and display elements.

Before are a few of my favorite panels from the exhibit.

This label accompanied an infrared camera interactive activity.