Exhibit: Imagine That!

Burke Museum LogoWhy do museums have all these things? Where did they come from? What are they used for?

I worked with staff and scientists at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture on the campus of the University of Washington to develop Imagine That!—an exhibit about the “behind the scenes” work of research museums like the Burke. Development of this exhibit included interviews with the Burke’s curators and other affiliated scientists about their research and writing labels for related artifacts that would answer visitor’s questions and spark their curiosity.

The exhibit opened April 12, 2014.

Like most museums, the Burke displays only a tiny portion of its collections in galleries. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, rows and rows of shelves hold an astounding variety of objects related to natural history and human culture—baskets and beetles, hummingbirds and hammerhead sharks, masks and mammoths.

It makes you wonder: Why do museums have all these things? Where did they come from? What are they used for?



Exhibit: Polar Science 3.0

psclogocroppedI worked with polar scientists and Pacific Science Center’s exhibits team to update PSC’s third annual Polar Science exhibit, which involved creating new labels and a game for the exhibit’s multi-touch table in addition to updating existing content.

The Photography Of Modernist Cuisine: The Exhibition

The Photography of Modernist Cuisine
The Photography of Modernist Cuisine

I worked with several other exhibit developers to write labels for the “Photography of Modernist Cuisine” exhibition, which opened at Pacific Science Center in October 2013.

Label content was based on the content of the Modernist Cuisine books. I wrote multiple versions of each label; below are a few of my favorites.

(Images and label text are not the final graphics used in the exhibit. All images are copyright Nathan Myhrvold and The Cooking Lab.)

Modernist Cuisine Label


Modernist Cuisine Label

Modernist Cuisine Label



STEM for All: Unconventional approaches can extend the reach of science and natural history museums

My latest article—an opinion piece—just came out in Museum magazine (January 2014 issue). In it, I talk about a variety of initiatives that extend science education/communication beyond the walls of museums. The digital edition is available to members of the American Alliance of Museums.