What YouTube Can Do for Museums

Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

Exhibit: Which Came First: Grass or Teeth to Eat It With?

Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

Exhibit: "Imagine That!"

Pacific Science Center

Exhibit: Portal to Current Science, Local NASA Scientists

I tell stories about science through museum exhibits, science writing, and creative science communication projects.

I develop museum exhibits, including interpretive planning, exhibit narratives, interactive elements, and labels. I write about science and science education in a variety of forms—including feature pieces like magazine articles—and PR pieces like web content, press releases, outreach materials, and whitepapers. My favorite projects explore creative ways to connect people with science and scientists (and vice versa!), like science comics and educational activity and coloring books. Contact me at winifred@winifredkehl.com You can also find me on LinkedIn and Twitter @winifredkehl